The future is not enough but…

DFS in 2024

December 12" Vinyl Hate/Love Release Performance at Kunststiftung BW goes Heusteigtheater, Stuttgart
October 25-27 Momentum Final Condensed Activation with Arena and Rita McBride and Alexandra Waierstall at DIA Art Foundation Beacon, NYC
August DFS Performance Vampire Thrillogy, at sunset, Casa Oscar, Spain
June 29, 18-22.00 The performance In My Heart at The Bridge, Berlin
June 4 Performance Turn Around for Here for Katja Meirowsky, Esbaluard Museum as part of the Katja Meirowsky show, Mallorca
June 3, 18.00 Performance Fragments & Fog als teil des Symposion «Forschung & Verlangen», Haus am Waldsee, Berlin
May 10-12 Momentum with Arena and Rita McBride and Alexandra Waierstall at DIA Art Foundation Beacon, NYC
May 3 12" Vinyl Hate/Love Release Performance at Anorak, Berlin
April 28, 20.00 DFS Performance Vampire Thrillogy, at sunset, Städtische Galerie Villingen Schwenningen
February 24 Momentum with Arena and Rita McBride and Alexandra Waierstall at DIA Art Foundation Beacon, NYC

DFS in 2023

26.10.23-28.4.24 Our first collaboration Void Of White at Zwei. Zur Aktualität des Duos. Städtische Galerie Villingen-Schwenningen
Oct 13-15 Momentum with Arena and Rita McBride and Alexandra Waierstall at DIA Art Foundation Beacon, NYC
August 26 + 27 Practicing Momentum with Rita McBride and Alexandra Waierstall at Callie´s, Berlin
March 30 - June 18 Sticky Stage, a new banner and a dollhouse in Spring Never Comes Again in Zacheta, National Gallery, Warsaw
Feb 10 How 2 (Hospital(y)tis). A performance as part of Rodeo, MUSAC, Leon

DFS in 2022

Oct 7-16 Turn Around For Here, Guts, Berlin
Sep 17 Eigentlich 12x Alissa ... in a car, Eat Art Biz, Berlin
Aug 4 - Sep 30 Attempt One For A Violent Silent Movie, Artists and Allies, Signs and Symbols, NYC

DFS in 2021

Nov 13, 16.00 Performance One, Two, Free, For (Hospital(y)tis) at the International Film Seminar, Tabakalera, San Sebastian, Spain
Sep 10 -Jan 9 Ingrid installation at Zin Ex, Tabacalera, San Sebastian, Spain. Curated by Florian Wüst
Okt 14 - Nov 14 DFS shows results of Hospital(y)tis at District as part of Illness, Resistance and Modes of Collective (Health)Care, District, Berlin
Sept 5, 18-21 Hospital(y)tis at District, Berlin
May 22 - July 25 White Banner 1 Starcut with Jeremiah Day in Citoyenne Reprise in at Netwerk Aalst
April 30 - May 2 A Violent Silent Movie Without Camera (Cinema Opacity) at Die Balkone 2 - Scratching the Surface, Berlin
January 28, 19.00 Renew #1: A Double Double Feature The Hoosac Institute, NYC - online 19.00 Berlin time, that’s NOON EST and 9am PST.

DFS in 2020

Oct 30, 18.00 Touching without Touching (Ingrids Web_Hospital install 3), Artists and Allies, Berlin
Sep 23, 19.15 DFS Performance Vampire Thrillogy, Arena outside Kunsthalle Baden Baden as part of her students Performance
Sep 13, 18-21h Continuous Rehearsal (Public) / (Ingrids Web_Hospital install 2) at district, Berlin
August 2, 20.00 Schwellkörper*innen und nicht einhegbare Selfies (Ingrids Web_Hospital install 1). Music/drawings/lecture über “Selbst / Portrait / Selfies. BHROX bauhaus reuse, Berlin
Corona Touching without Touching. Drawing. Public rehearsals. Ingrids Web_Hospital. A collective in crisis. Pandemic Times.
February 22 DFS performs Love To Love You Baby 2020, The Last Waltz, General Public in exile at Meinblau, Berlin
Feb 15 - March 31 DFS shows CGB 1-3 at Nacktkantine, Stadtbad Neukoelln, Berlin. Come naked or in bikini or kimono
February 7, 19.00 Book launch DFS Sticky Stage + Performance Vampire Thrillogy, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (guest Anike Joyce Sadiq)
January 23, 20.00 DFS performs INGRID #54 (Moonearth Il Cielo In Una Stanza) at FFT, Düsseldorf
January 18, 22.00 33. Stuttgarter Filmwinter: DFS presents “Monsters & Miracles”, a collection of their films, feat. Anna Bone

DFS in 2019

Nov 23, 20.30 DFS performs Ingrid, Authentizität und Feedback: Diskurs- und Performance-Festival at Diaphanes, Berlin
Nov 22, 19.00 DFS pervert and dark sister MAKITA will headline the Triple Queer Metal Night at Berghain
Oct 31, 21.00 Book launch, DFS Sticky Stage, Berlin with Archive books at Arkaoda
Oct 31, 19.00 A Tier (Space, Berlin)-Banner and the screening of short films by DFS
Sep 15 Ingrid 1 + 2 (2003 - so far) Performance, Ausland, Berlin
June 26, sunset DFS Performance Vampire Thrillogy, Rio de Madrid + afterwards an encounter at Vaciador 34
May 15 Briganti for District School
May 11, 21.00 Sticky Stage at Hospitalhof, Stuttgart. Performance overnight until May 12, 9am in the morning
March 15 - April 7 A score in the framework of „act“ at Q18, cologne
March 14 DFS talk + Performance Vampire Thrillogy at Tier Space, Berlin

DFS in 2018

Dec 14 Performance, DFS + Donna Ogunnaike as part of Never Memorize Poems in Landscape Leeway, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin
Dec 7, 19.00 Opening of Never Memorize Poems in Landscape Leeway (Constanze Fischbeck, Abraham Oghobase, DFS and Donna Ogunnaike), Galerie Nord/Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin
Oct 24 Performance, 2061 Inmoral Lidos. DFS / Synsmaskinen Dark Pool Crisis art group, Performance Project, NYC
Oct 20, 18.00 Performance of INGRID The movie 2003 - so far, Friends with Books, Berlin
Sep 15 MAKITA - return from the Dead at KGB Sounds, Ballhaus Berlin
Sep 14 DFS "Vampire Thrillogy" as part of Invocations at Savvy Contemporary, Berlin
June 16 Book launch + Performance, 2061 Inmoral Lidos. A Novel and a Performance by DFS / Synsmaskinen Dark Pool Crisis art group, Grüner Salon, Berlin
May 3, 20.30 Performance, DFS + Felix Ensslin, 48 hours: The Urgency of Scary Intelligence and Glamorous Monsters, Stuttgart
April 14, 19.00 DFS + Jeremiah Day, "Ode To + Vampire Trilogy" as part of Mess With Your Values, n.b.k., Park am Nordbahnhof, Berlin
January 26, 19.00 Performance/Screening of INGRID The movie 2003 - so far, Düsseldorf Art Academy

DFS in 2017

Oct 13, 8 pm Performance Love Any Out of (90 Seconds) End, Teatro del Barrio, Madrid
May 30 - 31 2061 Inmoral Lidos. DFS / Synsmaskinen Dark Pool Crisis art group, Finish Research Pavilion, Venice Biennial
May 20, 7 pm Sticky Stage at District, Berlin. Performance overnight until May 21 in the morning
May 14, 7 pm Sticky Stage at District, Berlin. Screening of "The Rehearsal", by Jules Dassin, 1974
April 29, 7 pm Performance, Love Any Out of (90 Seconds) End, Projektraum Lotte, Land of Temporary Eternity, Stuttgart
April 22 Performance, Hate Verses at the Arthur Boskamp Foundation, Hohenlockstedt

DFS in 2016

Dec 10, 6 pm Performance, Hate Verses at Friends with Books, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
Aug 30 - Dec 10 Performance of Sticky Stage on August 31, 20.00 all night. Installation and Performance are part of "Putting Rehearsals to the Test", co-curated by Sabeth Buchmann, Ilse Lafer and Constanze Ruhm, SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montreal
August 20 Opening + Performance. DFS + Johanna Bruckner at Corner College, Zürich
over the year We will create a new work on Dark Pools in collaboration with Frans Jacobi, Benedicte Clementsen within SYNSMASKINEN
Apt 30 - May 1 Performing Sticky Stage at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, in and with the Arena by Rita McBride. Saturday night 20.00 until Sunday morning. Bring sleeping bags and tender time.
Apr 25 - May 29 (Opening April 24, 15.00): a 2-Person exhibition “Please send me opportunity and preparation” with works by Wolfgang on Soldiers and war from the late 80s and early 90s, together with a new performance by Jeremiah Day, Museum Karlshorst, Berlin
April 7, 6pm "The Flesh is the Zombie Talk" in Mahalchicks "Skin Game" at Canada gallery, NYC
Mar 23 "The Flesh is the Zombie Talk" (on Eric Santner and George Romero) at the Monroeville Shopping Mall, Pittsburgh
Mar 22, 5pm A talk on DFS, memory and monstrosity, Pittsburgh, CMU, Kresge Theater

DFS in 2015

Nov 5, 7pm Pops and Props at The Performance Project, NYC, a performance and more
Aug 29, 16, 21.00 DFS will be part of the groupshow ”My dog is an artist and tonight it is full moon terror“, Basement, Brunnenstrasse 7, Berlin
Aug 28 DFS will perform at TBA 21, Vienna
Jun 26 DFS will perform "Eigentlich 12xAlissa" at Sparda-Kunstpreis, Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart
May 22, 19.30 DFS will perform "Hate Verses" as part of the show on the traces of Punk at CA2M in Mostoles, Madrid
May 14—Sep 13 (Opening May 13) Shortlisted for Sparda-Kunstpreis, Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart
Apr 9, 6pm L.A., a talk at CalArts
Mar 13 An opening speech for Yasmin Senkal, Villa Merkel, Bahnwärterhaus, Esslinge
Mar Berlin not Pittsburgh...just thinking of our sublime rotten bodies far away from the Monroeville Shopping Mall
Feb Madrid. The Becoming of a Doc

DFS in 2014

Dec 11 A Performance with and for General Public on exile and Errant bodies at KW, Berlin
Nov 20, 20.00 Performing a fragment of "Sticky Stage" at a shared evening with 'True Stories of Art' by Pol Merchan, at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin
Nov 8—Dec 13 (Opening November 7, 19.00)...The Video Agora at Why I Changed My Name To Marvin Gaye. Von Zuschreibungen und Entschreibungen, Kunstraum Station 21, Zürich
Oct 19, 19.00 Performing a fragment of "Sticky Stage" at After the Butcher, Berlin, special guest: Anti-Humboldt
Sep 7—Oct 12 a work at "Come Early and Often" by Cara Benedetto, at Chapter NY, NYC. Benefit committee on Sunday September 7, 6-8pm
Sep 5 a 2-Person exhibition "Wright of Derby + Looschen of Berlin (Dierk Schmidt & DFS)" at After the Butcher, Berlin
Jun 27, 23.00 Experimental Amsterdam for Everybooty, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY
Jun 25—Aug 1 A "Sticky Stage" for The Rehearsal, The Kitchen, NYC. A 3-channel video-installation and a performance that includes a sleepover. The performance will start in the evening of the 25th and last until the morning of the 26th.
Jun Diaz-Pottsville
May 29 a dead golden sailor at Soft Romance, King Size Bar, Berlin
May 24—Jun 21 2 Alfombras bei Das stille Leben des Sammlers Kempinski, Exile, Berlin
Apr 8—15 something private something public something sweet
Mar 30, 19.00 Performing Not Gentileza & Not Discoteca Flaming Star at Sofia Underground
Mar 13, 19.30 L.A., a talk at Salon Amy Baumann

DFS in 2013

Sep 20, 18.00–noon next day Sleepover! DFS will perform something fragile and impossible, a scenario for future at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
Aug 6 DFS will perform "Eigentlich 12xAlissa" at KUB Arena, Kunsthaus Bregenz
Jul 6, 20.00 DFS will give the talk "DUETT #5 (Ein Liebesbrief an Pasolini)" at Errant Bodies in Berlin
Jun 21—Jul 20 12xAlissa at Intoleranz / Normalität curated by Daniel Pies at What, How and For Whom, Zagreb
May 31, 20.00 Performance "Condensed Will (Stock market) Dense". Historias de Madrid by Fernando Baena, Cloister of San Martin, Plaza San Martin, Madrid, the historical site of the 1840s financial crash emanation of the stockmarket in Madrid,
May 8, 21.00 screening of "Anger and Depression" at Kino Art, Cihlarska 19, Brno (CZ
Apr 19 "Thing(k)s grow in the distance, she said...." Banners for Bergen, Norway
Feb 5, 19.00 "Mythos Atelier" - DFS im Gespräch mit Petra von Olschowski. Heusteigtheater, Heusteigstrasse 45, Stuttgart
Jan 30—Feb 14 "No Place To Hide - Ort Kontrolle Produktion" Agentur für Arbeit Stuttgart und Regionaldirektion der Bundesagentur für Arbeit. Curated by Felix Ensslin
Jan 11—Jan 12 DFS will participate in the festival "Testing (Re-)Production" that will take place from the 11 - 13 January 2013 at Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, Poland, in reference to "Test Run" (12 - 14 Oct. 2012 Kunsthaus Dresden). We will perform 12xAlissa

DFS in 2012

Dec 10—12 "Zeig Her Führ Vor Tausch Ein 2" Open studios congress performance and more works at Heusteigtheater Stuttgart, organized by DFS & Johannes Paul Raether, with Jeremiah Day, Antonia Baehr, Yorgos Sapountzis, Ute Waldhausen, the wonderful students of IMG
Nov 29 opening of a comission for a new work (the finalized filmversion of our Performance Eigentlich 12x Alissa (Duett #4 bodies) filmed in a Loge of HAU 1, Berlin, for Pop Politics: Activisms at 33 revolutions at Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Mostoles, Madrid
Nov 4—Jan 5 (Opening on Nov 3): a solo at Dolores project space of Ellen de Bruijne, Amsterdam
Oct 25—Nov 24 (Opening on Oct 24): a more abstract version of Mano Gigante at Centro Parraga, Murcia
Oct 9, 20.30 "DFS: An evening with: kleine Vögel, grosse Vögel" at Various Stages - Bedingte Bühnen
Oct 5—Nov 4 (Opening on Oct 4): As an actualization of our temporary Kunst-am-Bau comission "Study for an Agora" we will present a video in collaboration with the most beautiful dancer in the world, Laurie Young, as part of the exhibition "Say it loud" at District, Berlin, Bessemerstrasse 2-14
Sep 30 (Opening on Sep 29): a first filmversion of our Performance Eigentlich 12x Alissa (Duett #4 bodies) filmed in a Loge of HAU 1 at Intoleranz / Normalität curated by Daniel Pies at Grazer Kunstverein
Aug 9, 19.00 erforming Not Gentileza & Not Discoteca Flaming Star at Instituto Cervantes, Berlin, Rosenstr. 18-19
Aug 3—Oct 14 (Opening Aug 2) The audio-installation Ingrid Inzwischen and Alfombras at Various Stages - Bedingte Bühnen
Jun 29—Aug 10 Wurfbanner at Instituto Cervantes, Berlin, as part of an exhibition curated by Marisa Maza
Jun 29—Sep 16 drawings by CGB and WM as part of Ulrike Müller "Raw/Cooked. Herstory Inventory 100 feministische Zeichnungen von 100 Künstlerinnen"
Jun 21—Aug 17 a poster at "Courtship of the peoples" in London
May 25—May 23 (Opening on May 24): Several Banners and El Valor del Gallo Negro at "Topsyturvy - Celebrating another World" at De Appel, Amsterdam
May 11—20 Our Video "Untitled/Unfinished (Vampire 3)" at Holidays in Greece, Berlin
May 2 A Performance with Sara Pereira and Deli Gleba at Pussy Faggot, Berlin.
all May Our Video "Anger and Depression" from 2004 will be video of the month at the n.b.k. Video-Forum in Berlin
Apr 23 an artist talk at Le Foyer in conversation with Martin Jaeggi, Zürich
Apr 21—May 5 drawings by CGB and WM as part of Ulrike Müller "Herstory Inventory 100 feministische Zeichnungen von 100 Künstlerinnen"
Apr 21—May 5 (Opening on April 20)..."La Mano Gigante (A Musical)", The (solo-) Exhibition, at gallery Freymond-Guth, Zürich
Jan 20—Mar 25 (Opening on November 19)...A brand new "Treppen-Banner" for "Demonstrationen. Vom Werden normativer Ordnungen" at Kunstverein Frankfurt ... including the performance "Eigentlich 12 mal Alissa" on the 9th of February at 19.00, embraced by a Blinky Palermo wallpainting

DFS in 2011

Nov 25, 21.00 "La Mano Gigante (A Musical)". A Performance at the Symposium "Ästhetik des Fleisches - vom Kannibalismus zum Inkarnat" organized by Felix Ensslin, Stuttgart, Heusteigtheater
Nov 24—Dec 17 (Opening on November 19. 18-20): "Flamboyant Body" with Alisa Margolis and Megan Sullivan at Arcade, London
Oct 14—16 Johannes Paul Raether & DFS organize and perform in a mehrtägiges event: "Zeig Her, Führ Vor, Rausch Rein" at Basso and General Public, Berlin
Sep 24 Performance "Eigentlich 12 mal Alissa" at HAU 1 in Berlin as part of the Basso night ”funeral charade of poses“.
Sep 9 Opening of double-solo-show of DFS and Johannes Paul Raether at gallery September, Berlin.
Aug 13 DFS + Michael Schultze go abends to the Strich in Berlin
Jul 21—Nov 13 The video-installation El Valor del Gallo Negro at "La Chancon" in the chapel where Columbus was originally buried at CAAC in Seville
Jul 8 A filmscreening/performance in Münster in collaboration with Rita McBride, feat. Anita Di Bianco & Sofia Lomba
Apr 11—May 13 A temporary Kunst-am-Bau comission "Study for an Agora" at District, Berlin, Bessemerstrasse 2-14