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Martina Nie Tita Poetry


Buy or download our book „mil veras mil prinzessinnen mil centralias“ (ISBN: 13-978-84-451-3143-5)
that came out 2007 here at Centro de arte 2 de mayo … or buy it here: ProQm, BerlinS&S, Brooklyn

or sth else: Zeig Her Führ Vor Tausch Ein at Motto, Berlin

or this: 2061 Inmoral Lidos at Printed Matter or at Space Poetry

or the very new one: Sticky Stage at Archive Books Berlin

more to come….

Amigos Amor Inspiration Gods Sweat and Tears

MAKITA Sofia Lomba Basso Berlin Miss Sherry Vine Anike Joyce Sadiq Gregg Bordowitz Lisa Mühleisen Espacio G Anita Di Bianco Rita McBride Johannes Raether General Public Marie Therese Escribano Miss Le Bomb Vaginal Creme Davis Michael Mahalchick Alvaro Michl Schultze LTTR Joey Arias Ulrike Müller David Galbraith Antimuseo Sara Pereira El Arroyo los Cagaos Queen Flawless Sabrina Perigon Instituto Divorciado