A thousand Squonks and the Erotics of the Eyelid

Performance + film screening
DFS & FP Boué

The Performance Project, NYC, 2008

FB: No-Film - Projection with color
DFS: Hate Verses + handing out drawings
DFS: CR-Milk-Lala + Anita Berber slides
FB: 4 shorts from Some Folk, 3 shorts fom Mechanics
DFS: Briganti
DFS: Crazy Chicken Dance
FB: Tar, Rooftops
Charlotte Rampling (Night Porter)
Ulrike Müller: Jorge Luis Borges "The Squonk"
DFS: Lili Marlin
DFS: Porque Te Vas + Anita Berber slides
FB: Gira Volta

CGB handing over a drawing to audience
detail from "Some Folk" by FP Boué
Ulrike Müller reading "The Squonk"
Audience member holding a drawing by WM
Crazy Chicken Dance
detail from "Mechanics" by FP Boué
FP Boué
after the performance with drawings on the wall
WM dancing Lili Marlin