PPPiero und was dazwischen, MACBA, Barcelona

P.P.Piero and was dazwischen

DFS (CGB, Bene Abel, WM) at MACBA, Barcelona, May 16, 2009

• Hate Verses (audio track read by Alvaro – spanisch)
• CR-milk-LaLa (guitar-casio-original audio track-vocals CGB)
• Briganti (ravel-guitar-vocals CGB-balance WM)
• Crazy Chicken Dance (video track-guitar-casio-vocals WM)
• Carlotte Rampling (original audio track from "Il Portiere di notte" , 1974, by Liliana Cavani)
• Lili Marlin (video track – dance WM)
• ¿Por qué te vas? (guitar – bass – vocals WM)
• Squonk (reading in Catalan by Toni Crabb)
• Kronprinzessin+Sardana (video track-guitar-casio-vocals WM CGB)
• Squonk (reading in English by member of the audience)

invitation design
script for performance
installation shot with White Banner 1
detail performance. Foto: MACBA
CGB, #04, 11,4 x 8,2 cm, watercolor, sequence, 2009
WM, "..." (83), as big as a hand, mixed media on paper, 2009
detail performance. Foto: MACBA
King Prothea with bottle of Vichy Catalan