Momentum In-At-Around-On Arena Dia Beacon (traces)

For the duration of Rita McBride: Arena Momentum at Dia Beacon, an expanding body of artists, performers, writers, musicians, and dancers activates physical and virtual spaces as part of a series of engagements with McBride’s Arena (1997). The activations are guided by the conceptual parameters of Arena’s copyleft license (ɔ); the digital files of Arena are freely available to the public in accordance with this license.

Momentum was initiated by Rita McBride, choreographer Alexandra Waierstall, and the experimental performance collective discoteca flaming star.

Momentum is among other things choreographic interludes developed over time by Alexandra Waierstall in close collaboration with dancers from around the world and interactions (they draw, move, make music and write) from the Berlin studio of discoteca flaming star (CGB, Sofia Lomba, Michael Mahalchick, WM and Sara Pereira)

Momentum started in September 2022 and will end in spring 2025

Mahalchick Anke Werra This Guy! That Guy! Activation May 10-12, 2024
Video connection studio DFS Berlin and Dia Beacon. Activation May 11, 2024.
Video connection studio DFS Berlin and Dia Beacon. Activation May 11, 2024.
DFS studio Berlin. Drawings Sofia Lomba. Palmsize drawings given away. Live stream Dia Beacon
Dia Beacon. Activation Oct 13-15, 2024
Callie´s Berlin. Improvising and drawing parallel to live activation at Dia Beacon, October 13–15, 2023
Dubplates 1+2 for Arena Momentum (Red & Blue)
First recording sessions for Momentum. DFS studio, Berlin