Eigentlich 12 mal Alissa [Film]

Talking and singing to and about monstrosity.
A fight song, a poem on and to and about Ayn Rand, a poem by Jacques Brel,
and a naked elderly woman in a fur coat. Anda Jaleo!

2-channel Videowork, each 18:13 min
16:9, HD, Color

Text on bodies:
- El tren Blindado (a song from the Spanish civil war in spanish and german)
- Eigentlich, eigentlich, eigentlich (poem by WM in german)
- Amsterdam (a song by Jacques Brel, sung in german, an interpretation by Werner Schneyder for Gisela May)

Camera: Anja Weber
Sound: Sebastian Bodirsky
Edit: Isabell Spengler
Co-Performer: Marian Cocis, Manuela Lomba, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Esther Röhrborn
Audience: Alena Williams, Anike Joyce Sadiq, William Wheeler, Stefan Pente, Kate Hers, Robin Arthur, Gitte Villesen, Loreto Solis, Dagmar Gabler, Sara Pereira
Voiceover: Robin Arthur (recorded and mastered by Sara Pereira at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin)

Photo: Anja Weber
Photo: Anja Weber