Discoteca Flaming Star e El Arroyo Los Cagaos, Discoteca Guitarrera Funkstorm – Quien no fuma ni bebe algun otro vicio tiene


June 12th, 2004, Viandar de la Vera, Cáceres. Spain

“Discoteca Guitarrera Funkstorm” was an encounter between a performance group living off and in urban
culture and experimenting with the memory of pop, and a rural group from the Spanish region of La Vera which investigates, without melancholy, the memory of the area’s folklore, rescuing pieces from and the spontaneous, irreverent style of traditional music.

Both sides work with concepts of memory, displacing it, activating it in the community experience of song.
El Arroyo de los Cagaos, by confronting the filter of the previous dictatorship; Discoteca Flaming Star by investigating the replacing of folk music with pop rhetoric. Both projects share a consciousness of enjoyment
as a tool for encounter and work.

On June 12th, 2004, Discoteca Flaming Star and El Arroyo de los Cagaos played – together, after one another,
each to one another, for five hours in the square of Viandar de la Vera, Caceres, Spain – a village of 300 inhabitants. We wanted to test and challenge what it was that had brought us together:

• The spirits of punk
• The importance of texts
• Simple, open musical structure that leaves room for spontanaiety and participation
• An open spirit of collaboration
• Irreverence
• No fear of boredom
• Emotional dependence on the environment
• Not ruling out anything when creating
The encounter was filmed by the New York based artist FP Boué.

(photo by Irene Gómez Barrio)