Aladlona (I love you green)

Aladlona 2 (I love you green) - DFS (CGB, Elwood Klyap, Elyce Semenec, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Gulsaya Tuleubayeva, Jim Galbraith, Darshan, Michael Mahalchick, Sera, WM)

The Kitchen, New York, March 23, 2006

Aladlone 1 (I love you green) - DFS (Asana, Benedikt Abel, Birgit Kramer, CGB, Ines Gerdes, Kerstin Rautenberg, Laurie Young, Marita Barnett, Philipp Imdahl, WM)

Ausland, Berlin, February 13, 2004

10 musicians/dancers/performance artists pollinate over 22 minutes a bellydance-instrumental into a noiserockpiece with pop lyrics.

Un-preparation, half-preparation and improvisation in dance and in music are interweaved collage-like with an arrangement of oriental instrumentals. The performance longs for excessive intemperateness and the undermining of hierarchies. A de-exoticized space where pleasure could be found. We want to think of a disorder in the method, of a procedure of trust in the resistance of music and the freedom of the participants.

The songs that are part of the performance-texture are:
Amazing Grace (traditional with improvised lyrics), a poem by Frederico Garcia Lorca set to music (Te Quiero Verde), a Spanish Pop-song of the 70s (Te estoy amando locamente), Greatest Love of All (Whitney Houston) and Lili Marleen (the most popular song of the second World War) in its arabic translation.

In this blend, in confusion, in cultural misunderstanding a creative potential is foreseen. Failure is the most underrated potential of our species.

Photo: Ines Schaber
Photo: Ines Schaber
Photo: Ines Schaber
Photo: Ines Schaber
Photo: Ines Schaber
Photo: Ines Schaber
Photo: Ines Schaber
Photo: Ines Schaber
Photo: Ines Schaber
Aladlona 1, Ausland, Berlin, 13th of february, 2004
Collage DFS